Patronage & prohibition is being disguised as "legalization" in Canada.  Government spin-control is the order of the day.  The recent Discussion Paper tabled by the Liberal Party shows a very clear pattern of deception. Disingenuous, as my lawyer friends call it.

Hard core prohibitionists head up the Task Force. Bill Blair, ex-Chief of Police and Anne McLellan, ex-Minister of Justice. These are people who've been at the forefront of criminal sanctions, worse, preventing, delaying and denying court ordered changes to the law for well over a decade.  The discussion paper is full of references to discredited studies, false assumptions and suspect ideas long since dismissed as drug war rhetoric.  More propaganda based upon "experts" who are paid to protect their jobs.

No information on the numerous court rulings, Charter Rights violations and rampant corruption is found.  There is no input from the cannabis sub-culture.  Absent are peer-reviewd published studies which would provide a balanced perspective. Missing is the CONCLUSION from the Senate Report of 2002: Repeal Prohibition. Instead, the entire "discussion paper" is an exercise in convincing the population that the government has considered the publics input.  Unlike the Senate Report, there are no consultations with those governed: the entire cannabis community. This latest charade from the Liberal government is actually prohibition all dressed up as "legalization".  It barely qualifies as decriminalization with the threat of criminal law to enforce the deception.  Liberal insiders have already reaped millions playing the Marihuana Licenced Production Regulation game the Conservative government dreamed up.  It does qualify as government fraud.

To make a short list:

1. A recent study at the University of British Columbia reveals that a mere 5% of cannabis gardens (grow-ops) are connected to organized crime.

2. Studies showing the effects of cannabis on teenagers have been widely discredited. The most widely published "study" was shown to be fraudulent with a vanishlingly small study group. 

3. Peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate an increase in neurons are not referenced.  Research on Alzheimers disease is not referenced. There are over 24,000 studies published.

4. Cannabis has the same toxicity index as water. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol, an overdose is impossible.  The harms are greatly exaggerated without supporting proof.

5. The Senate Report makes several recommendations: an age limit of 16+, restrictions on advertising, excluding big tobacco and alcohol corporations, keeping medical information relevant to patients and a small-business orientation with local outlets across the country.

"Prohibition is a failure of good governance." -Senate Report ©2002  "Prohibition creates corruption at all levels of government." U.N. Report ©1993

Violations of section 2, 7, 8 and 15 of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms continue unabated ~ in violation of the Constitution under the law.  Police are arresting and charging citizens in record numbers with a 'crime' that has been struck down by the Courts as being "without force nor effect".   The government is "of two minds" regarding the law, the Charter and the Constitution.

This not acceptable. It certainly isn't rational nor legal.

The entire cannabis community has been subjected to decades of arrests, prosecutions, prison sentences, robbery, coercion, beatings and murder.... by the government and their agents. Those afflicted by this failed social policy have no voice.  The burden of criminal records and the discrimination that results are considered acceptable by these prohibitionists.  They now wish to tax, regulate and control the entire (corrupt) process. This qualifies as taxation without representation.  This entire charade will fail.  Under prohibition, enforced by the heavy hand of the law, the "regulations" have failed.  We, the People, have ignored these sanctions for years.  We voted for Trudeau & the Liberal Party under the platform promise to legalize cannabis.  This is not legalization - it is deception.  We won't make the same mistake again.

Our sub-culture (approximately 15% of the population) will not comply with draconian rules, patronage, regulations and criminal sanctions designed to maintain prohibiton in disguise.  This process is designed to crush the cannabis community under government domination.  Cannabis is a natural herb, the Tree of Life, and deserves intelligent, enlightened political discourse... not more of the same failed policy.