CannabisCuresGlobalA remarkable thesis on using cannabis to reverse CO2 levels on a global scale.

Planting 216 million acres would absorb CO2 at the rate of 400 gigatons per year to clear the air.

Download the paper... food, clothing, fuel and shelter.

What we are looking at is a wholesale shift in the perspective that cannabis is an herb that is limited to "medical" or "recreational" uses. Taken at face value, the concept that cannabis adapts to increased CO2 levels by simply growing LARGER, has vast implications.  This constitutes phytoremediation of the atmosphere using an ancient species that absorbs CO2 directly from the air. This is something that can make a real difference. THIS is something that we can do NOW. This 'technology' is available to every farmer worldwide ~ today.

cannabiscleanslandWith the extreme warnings issued by so many scientists, experts and leaders.... I wonder what it will take to see a difference. Capturing carbon is required to lower CO2 levels.

Phytoremediation (from Ancient Greek φυτο (phyto), meaning "plant", and Latin remedium, meaning "restoring balance"). This little gem first appeared on my radar after the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. An article in a science journal stated that an un-named plant was being used to draw radioactive particles out of the soil to clean areas around the site. Turns out they were using cannabis for it's ability to reach deep into the ground and collect heavy metals in the foliage above for disposal. Very interesting. Sounds like the same tactic should be used around Fukushima.
What is even far more fascinating is the idea that cannabis can be applied to phytoremediation of the atmosphere as well. Cannabis is an ancient species that evolved when the planet was running at 1200ppm CO2 levels. Probably dating back to the Eocene Era 34 million years ago. This means that it draws carbon dioxide out of the air at massive rate. Cannabis can use CO2 at 3x atmospheric levels. It exhales oxygen. Plants simply grows larger & faster as the CO2 levels rise. The process stores up to 30% of the entire bio-mass in the soil in the form of roots. Using the fiber & seed from the crop also captures CO2. Creating products virtually out of thin air by using agricultural phytoremediation. Tons per acre. Captured or 'sequestered' as they say. Tends to improve the farmland at the same time. Better yet, cannabis can be grown on marginal or "ruined" farmland where other crops do not grow very well. Remember the heavy metals mentioned above? Cannabis can grow where the land has been over farmed, over fertilized and the top soil ruined. Cannabis will grow in drought conditions where all else fails or requires heavy irrigation.

cannabiscleansairApplied to the critical problem of rising global CO2 levels, cannabis is a natural solution. Literally atmospheric phytoremediation on a global scale. There is nothing quite like it. Bamboo grows quickly in tropical environments but not so well in temperate zones. Algae may come close, but it's not nearly as much fun. The ability to sequester gigatons of carbon dioxide simply and easily ~ at a low cost ~ sounds like a winner, right? Farmers from the entire world community could begin tomorrow. Everyone with a small plot of land up to vast hectares of the prairies could easily grow cannabis. Profitable as well. The industrial benefits & products might even outweigh the objective of capturing CO2. Climate change folks talk about reducing emissions or a fictional "carbon tax". Fewer yet have suggested capturing the carbon. The very few technology projects running are vanishing small. Sucking the carbon dioxide directly out of the atmosphere with plant technology is just so elegant. Why is no one talking about this except the true believers? Oh yeah. I forgot. The worlds' elite prohibitionists and governmentals don't like cannabis. Neither do the corporate globalists. Here in Canada, where cannabis has been legal (as "hemp") since 1998, the restrictions and rules are quite draconian. Can't have people growing their own food, clothing & shelter, now can we? Cannabis just doesn't quite fit the corporate agenda.

cannabishousesmCannabis agriculture, taken to industrial levels, has applications which reach into many other sectors of the economy. Massive amounts of stalk material are being used in cement mixtures to build houses: hempcrete. Roof shingles, carpets, drapes, plastics and more can all be manufactured from this one crop. Every home built would capture tons of CO2 for decades. The initial thesis presented around these ideas was published by Marc Deeley at University of Strathclyde in 2000. The Hemp Industries Association circulated the idea here via the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance in 2004. Estimates of carbon bio-mass sequestration were verified by the Manitoba Department of Agriculture in 2006. Later the idea was sent off to the Virgin Earth Challenge in 2007. Today in 2016, a mere 107,000 acres are cultivated in Canada. A drop in the bucket. Used as diesel fuel or processed into ethanol, cannabis production would skyrocket. Did someone mention pulp & paper and deforestation? Tip of the iceberg. Imagine. Fifteen years later we could be doing a global countdown as CO2 levels drop below 350ppm.

cannabisstigmaApparently the stigma from decades of prohibition has tainted the waters. A number of years ago, at the launch of the Canadian Hemp Trade Association in 2003, the scene of cannabis advocates and representatives from Agriculture Canada mingling was amazing. I had a sense that this juxtaposition was not quite what anyone expected. A collection of ganja nation true believers meeting government gentlemen in suits with briefcases who were all, "Wow, check this crop potential". Agriculture Canada is still trying wrest control of cannabis away from Health Canada all these years later. Sigh. The sheer size and scope of the funding, investment and development required to build a new industry eluded most of the attendees. Today I understand that a Chinese company is investing $390 million to build a fiber processing plant in Alberta. That is approximately 7 times larger than the value of the entire Canadian market annually. This is just a bare beginning of what is required.

cannabisearthvisionI have a vision. Phytoremediation of our atmosphere, our farmlands and contaminated regions is a rather bold vision. It is a global vision. Someone should inform the UN Climate Convention folks in New York later this month that the ganja nation has presented a logical solution to the problem. They sure don't reply to me. This perspective and the original thesis research can be found in a PDF format here: CannaCom This is a straight forward solution. One that can be started now. One that can be employed world wide. One that you can help launch by sharing this vision. A global solution that requires only one simple act: REPEAL PROHIBITION all the way from the UN on down; for every nation, for every citizen on our planet. Then we would have a method to actually reduce CO2 ~ pull it directly from the atmosphere and capture the carbon dioxide. Then we would develop new products & industries to use the carbon as food, clothing & shelter. Then we could restore balance to our air & land. Then our children can live in a world where the Tree of Life is free once again.

Like the word means, plant restoring balance.



More studies in Three parts including new research on the Endocannabinoid System.









Do we hear politicians repeating the same lies?   "We need more studies." 

Here are more studies than you can shake a stick at, as my Granny used to say.  Next time you hear some professional liar using this tactic, call them out.  Say, "We have over 15,000 studies on cannabis.  Have you read any of them?"  "Would you like the list?  I will bring it to your office."  (then show up with the media in tow)  Then you can ask another question as you hand over the 1,000 pages: "Can you read?"

This is a HUGE pdf file.  You can download the ZIP file using this link.


As prohibition winds down once again, those with a vested financial interest will use every trick, tactic and technique to maintain control. The spin is going to be ramped up at every turn.  Punitive regulations will be established.  In states that have "legalized" cannabis, law enforcement will struggle desperately to hang on to 'infractions & fines'.  Politicians will continue their lies.  Doctors and re-hab folks will maintain that "they don't know" -or- the "research says".  I say, the truth will set you free.

Our role is to keep these paid professionals in check. Many of the doctors quoted in the news media are PAID by the pharmaceutical corporations. They repeat the lies they are told in order to maintain the status quo. It is our duty to make sure that the law is dead; that the repeal of prohibition is just that: REPEALED. As the courts have ruled: "without force nor effect".




Dr. Robert Kamermans was brave enough to sign exemptions for cannabis. He helped thousands of patients who had no other alternative. Will you help him right now?

Dr Kamermans Now the government is prosecuting him. The Preliminary Trial Court Date was the Belleville Court House will be on March 17th, 2014. This is also St. Patricks Day. St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland and just maybe He will drive all the vermin out of the court room.You can find out some more details here on his facebook page. In line with our hard-core position, we've been helping out. After his previous lawyer dumped him (lots of money spent) and he was denied legal coverage, we introduced Robert & Mary to a wonderful lawyer Davin Charney.  At this point we would like to appeal to the public and the medical patients who support this issue.

My understanding is that Rob & Mary are planning on defending themselves in court.  

Our opinion is that the government is sending a very clear message of fear to the medical community. Along with the position that the College of Physicians & Surgeons have taken, we believe that the maze and hurdles are going to get worse. Although Health Canada and the RCMP claim their changes (to the court mandated MMAR) are designed to improve the process and protect patients, It will not. The vast majority of doctors across the country will not sign an exemption. Under the new "regulations" we see even fewer physicians willing to 'recommend' cannabis.  The government, Health Canada and the College will sanction doctors; destroy their practice, seize funds, arrest a doctor and his nurse, press charges and install an injunction against signing any medical forms for cannabis.  I can't imagine very many physicians willing to run the risk.

Does this sound a little crazy to you?  We are organizing a defense fund for Rob & Mary. Donate a little ~ it will help a lot. Please send some assistance:drkamermans
You can use PayPal

All proceeds go directly to the defense fund to retain new legal counsel. The CMPA is NOT providing any help.... leaving Rob & Mary twisting in the wind. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here is a CBC interview:

Dr. Kamermans speaks out

Wallaston Council supports Dr. Kamermans

What I believe would be most appropriate is eleven multi-million dollar lawsuits, filed province by province.... just to get their attention. Name all of the prohibitionists involved in this travesty of justice and bring them into court. Individually, personally and severally ~ as the phrase goes, under their commercial liability according to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Several years ago the compassion club Section 56 was raided three times. Over a period of serveral months beginning on THE day of the Supreme Court hearings on cannabis May 3, 2003 with David Malmo-Levine, Chris Clay & Randy White. David represented himself which proved something to me. Bruce on horseback

Interesting co-incidence, eh?  This chain of events was a serious disaster.  Arrested my people, snagged the cannabis, ripped off money, trashed the place, stole things.... all without a valid warrant. Hmmm?  Our approach was 'damn the torpedos, full speed ahead'. We re-opened three days later; right about the time the CBC dropped by for an interview. They were interested in filming a segment for a documentary they were doing on my friend Alan Young, Professor of Law. (You've probably heard about him by now.)  He was one of the lawyers we knew who would help us out of the sheer goodness of his heart.

By the time they got around to arresting me (instead of just everybody else) Alan & his friends suggested that I represent myself. Okay. Let's dance. We attended the Global Marijuana March event that year and the next while under charges.  After several rounds in court, news reporters were showing up along with friends like Terry Parker Jr. and others. They called us the "Toronto Trio" in the media. I stood my ground. After all, the second raid in July was far, far worse. By the time they came back a third time, CityTV showed up to film them raiding a compassion club. This time they didn't even have a warrant at all.  Had uniformed police on video, inside our place.  Another film asking the cops for the warrant and a segment of one cop jamming a patient into the brick wall. Now things were getting deadly serious. Best of all, they had taken a particular set of documents. I knew it. They knew it. There was no way in hell they were ever going to bring those documents into court before a judge. I was facing 12 charges x 3 raids including proceeds of crime... not to mention selling cookies without a license. Ha ha ha.  Time to stroll into the lions den and show no fear.  Long story short: they withdrew all cannabis charges against me and everyone else. I turned around and filed a motion in court to get all of our stuff back. Oh, how they hated that. Especially when CityTV came along to film the news for prime time. Getting some of the money back (what the cops didn't steal) from the Feds took another full year. OMG

What amazes me the most is that, to this day, to my knowledge, none of the cannabis organizations, websites, activists or magazines out there have ever reviewed the book.  We've given away thousands of copies. We sent copies in the mail. Bookstores wouldn't carry it - even when Ed changed the cover.  God, rest his soul.  It was revised ©2012 and re-published on Amazon in print and issued on Kindle.  Today, it's being distributed free on the net to as many people as we can reach. We know that the Con's will arrest another 57,000 people this year.... and next. There are probably 50,000 citizens under cannabis charges right now. If each and every soul simply refused to plead guilty under any circumstances, the machine would jam.  It would threaten to grind to a halt. The entire "justice" department would completely freak out. That would be fun. Justice served.

This is not an idle threat. I'm not just blowing smoke here with some kind of stoner theory.  I can speak from direct experience. Over and over again. NO ONE that I know personally, who has taken this advice to heart, has ever been convicted on cannabis charges.  A couple of friends have broken under the torture and were fooled by "diversion"; where they give you a criminal record & divert you back to the streets.  The very last time it came down to my final offer to the federal Crown: "Let's go all the way to the Supreme Court. On one hand, for me, it's a 'medical' right and on the left hand, it's according to my deeply held spiritual beliefs. I will not plead guilty."  Clasp hands together & do a very small bow to the court. Pissed that Crown lawyer off pretty badly. Oh well.  Final result: they withdrew all cannabis charges, again. Third time is a charm. This time they've irritated me no end.  Time to get up - stand up. Stand up for your rights, as the song goes.

PS. Many years earlier, when I first met the good professor, we did some work on starting the "Herbal Aid Society" ~ a rotating team of lawyers helping clients to NEVER PLEAD GUILTY. The costs were totally outrageous and Legal Aid sure didn't want any part of it - so the idea of publishing a book evolved slowly. Certainly love the internet. What a long & winding road. My CSIS file must be huge by now. (grin).

Hit that tool button above and email a copy to a friend of yours. A friend of theirs just might need it tomorrow.

Jah Rastafari