Really makes me wonder. Over the years there are myths & tales which get re-cycled and attain the status of urban legend. Some of these myths seem to come from prohibitionists. Other tales seem to get repeated by cannabis growers as nothing more than bragging rights for marketing purposes. For example we see this idea from the straight stoners: "OMG Today's marijuana is so much stronger than weed from the 60's" -or' 70's -or 80's....." (Like that's a bad thing?) My considered and humble opinion?
cannabisstigmaHorsefeathers. Scientific testing done over decades by the Dutch government, for example, shows that cannabis varies from 3.5% to an average of 7% with some rare samples as high at 18%. This has been true since the dawn of time. My considered opinion? So what? Many of the land-race strains from the 60"s were much more psychoactive than current indoor hybrids. Occasionally a truly psychedelic variety would show up from the high mountains of Oaxaca, for example. I speak from rather direct experiences. A related piece of non-sense is that cannabis and hemp are "cousins". It is the same plant. Watching hemp farmers try to distance themselves from cannabis is quite hilarious. Gentlemen, really. So called "hemp" strains were NOT really chosen & bred for their stellar performance in seed nor superior fiber production. This deceptive terminology is nothing but semantic illusion engineered by prohibitionists doing selective breeding to isolate low-THC strains since the 1970's. A way to control the cannabis community.
cannabiscleansSimilar government wisdom is at work with the "medical marijuana" market. Recreational cannabis is outlawed and strict controls are being established over medical cannabis: an herb with dozens of cannabinoid compounds and thousands of uses. As if prohibition is beneficial only if you are not suffering. Major corporations wish to the become the new organized criminals in the cannabis community. Speaking of "organized criminals", a study done recently by a professor at UBC found that a mere 5% of illegal grow-ops were connected to organized crime. Leads to the joke that IF you have ever tried to buy a pound of good weed, organized is the LAST thing you can call these people. In my delicate view, the real criminals are the prohibitionists. Consider the vast sums of taxpayers monies spent on "agencies", "think tanks", "consultants", "media partners", "propaganda", "NGO's", "spin doctors", "non-profit groups" in the shadows; just to maintain prohibition. This is the hidden part of the war on drugs that is not visible like the obvious police costs, court costs and prison costs. The hard social costs are even more extreme. Hidden below that is the corruption that infects every single level of enforcement: from bribes at the ports of entry, cannabis in the prison system to the payoffs at higher levels all the way up the food chain. Our children suffer the most and the biggest risk of "marijuana" is the risk of getting arrested.

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 The really crazy part of this is that some higher authority has decided that an ancient species is not "legal"... no matter what real evidence surfaces. The high priests of prohibition seem to use this social disaster as a means to control the cannabis nation: those who fail to comply. It is a simple way to collect records, information and resources from the population that dares to alter their consciousness. Part of this rhetoric is a "drug free" world, driven by a civilization awash in drugs: chemical pharmaceutical compounds with massive side effects. The real truth is that drugs are manufactured and herbs are grown. A much bigger truth is that cannabis has the very real potential to impact a very serious problem: rising CO2 levels. The true oxymoron here is that the governments and corporations outlaw the healing of the nations.

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