buddhareality"The word "illusion" is used to denote different aspects in Hindu philosophy. Many monist philosophies clearly demarcate illusion from truth and falsehood. Per advaita philosophy, illusion is something which is not true and not false. Whereas in general usage it is common to assume that illusion is false, Hindu philosophy makes a distinction between Maya (illusion) and falsehood."
One would hope after the past few decades, that the illusions of cannabis propaganda would give way to the light of reason and reality. Apparently not. The Ministry of Truth is still quite hard at work spreading carefully constructed illusions, subterfuge and deceptions. Spin doctors are paid to produce shoddy "research" and quotes for the media. Professional, peer-reviewed research is buried. What is a poor citizen supposed to believe? Really? When the prohibitionists consistently concoct an Orwellian double-speak narative, why are they surprised when no one believes them any more?

Reality is that the illusion is fading away. A vast web of lies is being challenged, dis-proven and replaced. Education and the internet have provided a way to the truth. Now it is possible to find information and discover alternate views about the war on drugs, cannabis, social change, technology, innovation & so much more. The flow of information drives this process. No longer do the TV & news "sources" present the dominant opinion to everyone. Seeing a different truth is quite eye opening. Reality takes on a new dimension. Those who seek the facts, find out the truth and reveal that information are few & far between. The truth will set you free.
Illusion is when you believe that hemp is not cannabis -or- that medical marijuana is magically different that so called recreational weed or pot. Illusion is using slurs, racist and derogatory terms to describe the entire sub-culture. Illusion is when you believe that the pharmaceutical corporate drug industry has any real interest in the plant beyond synthetic chemical analogues. Illusion is when you have no idea that this natural, organic agricultural crop impacts several large, well entrenched industries. Illusion is when you imagine that draconian rules & regulations will eliminate "organized crime". Illusion is when you think that criminal sanctions from the drug war are good for our civilization.

prisoncannabisReality is that the war on drugs is a waste. It has failed. Worse, it has impeded one of the more useful plants that has ever evolved on our planet from being used on a global scale.
Reality is when you see through the illusion and get a glimpse of the future. A vision shared by a those crazy enough to believe that there is another way. Ideas of atmospheric phytoremediation via agricultural carbon sequestration. Concepts of closed loop fuel systems... wholesale changes in manufacturing technology. The list goes on.
Reality is that the science of CB1 and CB2 receptors is now being researched. Complex relationships between THC / anandamide molecules are just beginning to be understood. Interactions between the various cannabis compounds are finally being acknowledged as part of the extensive range of therapeutic effects. Reality is that the ancient medical use of cannabis is coming back into the 21st century. Science is starting to understand the true wisdom of Mother Nature. Knowledge and science - not illusion.

Reality is that research & science are also the key to unlocking the massive potential of this particular crop. Over the past generations, cannabis has been out of the loop. While other fields advanced, very few were ever allowed to do serious inquiries into the value of cannabis. Chemical science, Materials science. sciencecannabisAgricultural science. Medical science. Reality is that new research is just now starting to show interesting results. A large number of questions remain to be answered. New taxonomy research on the origin of the species indicates that the "Indica" strain is world dominant... even within the industrial "hemp" cannabis genetics. "Sativa" strains were likely cultivated mostly for fiber or seed from 18,000 years ago in a different region of the world. This presents a different set of facts from the generally accepted information. Scientists are starting to unlock carbon technology. Specific areas deal with carbon from agricultural sources. This has the potential to be a serious game changer. What role will cannabis play?

Future considerations: Industrial Cannabis Revolution